New Solo Release — “Autumn Ruminations”

Composer Kristopher Carter has embarked on a year-long journey to release a set of musical episodes for piano and orchestra initially inspired by the tumult of 2020. The first piece, “Autumn Ruminations,” will be released this Friday, October 16, 2020 on all major digital and streaming outlets, with an official music video and behind-the-scenes features following soon after.

With the world grappling a global pandemic, concerts cancelled and venues shut down, Carter found himself, like most musicians, sheltering at home with too much time to think. Struggling to journal his thoughts and feelings about the situation, he found music spoke where words were difficult to come by. For Carter, music is a universal language, relatable to all with no words needed.

He composed and orchestrated “Autumn Ruminations” in August, 2020, and, with life emerging from the pandemic predicted to take a year or more, he set out to create a set of signposts through the change of seasons towards, hopefully, better days. Carter will release new episodes in Winter and Spring, 2021, and, in Summer, 2021, release the complete work as an EP as well as concert publication.

Carter performed and engineered the solo piano at his home studio in Los Angeles, and subsequently collaborated with the Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Oleg Kondratenko, for the orchestra session. Carter also produced and mixed the recording.

Most well-known for his scores to animation, television and film, the Emmy-winning composer shares, “my passion is to take listeners on a journey through new worlds and create a space for them to reflect and process their own emotions. I invite you to listen and enjoy this piece.”