For Your Consideration

“Autumn Ruminations”

Available on all major digital and streaming platforms

“Autumn Ruminations” won two 2021 Bronze Telly Awards and is nominated for a 2021 Hollywood Music in Media Award

For Your Consideration in the GRAMMY Awards®

• Contemporary Classical Composition
• Music Video
• Classical Instrumental Solo

Composer Kristopher Carter is in the midst of a journey releasing a set of musical episodes for piano and orchestra initially inspired by the global tumult of 2020. The first piece, “Autumn Ruminations,” is available on all major digital and streaming platforms, along with the double Telly-Award-winning Official Music Video:

Says Carter, “We’ve all been doing our best, staying safe and trying to make sense of the world around us. It seems like anything resembling ‘normal life’ is fleeting, yet not completely out of reach. I wanted to create a set of musical signposts to mark the change of seasons as we move toward what I hope are better days for everyone. Each piece will be a chance to journal my own feelings and reinforce the idea that we’ll all emerge on the other side of this, stronger, better, and more resilient than we were before.”

The first installment in this journey through the seasons evokes the cool, crisp air of autumn as blustery winds send leaves cascading to the ground in a vivid tapestry of reds, golds and browns. As the notes float through the air you can almost feel the cold nipping at your nose as you pull your scarf up around your face. There is a swirl of color as the wind picks up the leaves and blows them in every direction, then they settle back to earth as we feel the slow, inevitable march toward winter.

To listen to “Autumn Ruminations:” https://song.link/x3mxjc7tgtzzp

Carter composed and orchestrated “Autumn Ruminations” in August, 2020. He performed and engineered the solo piano at his home studio in Los Angeles, and subsequently collaborated with the Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Oleg Kondratenko, for the orchestra sessions. Carter also produced and mixed the recording.

The Official Music Video, directed by Carter, won two Bronze Telly Awards in 2021, one for Music Video and one for Craft—Use Of Music in an Online Production.

The next musical episodes will be released in Winter and Spring, 2022, and, in Summer, 2022, he will release the complete work as an EP as well as concert publication.

About Kristopher Carter:

Most well-known for his scores to animation, television and film, the Emmy-winning veteran composer shares, “my passion is to take listeners on a journey through new worlds and create a space for them to reflect and process their own emotions. I invite you to listen and enjoy this piece.”